Yes, hello. We are a studio for design, research and art, based in Astoria NYC and Bonn Germany.
Our work is driven by language and is the result of a shared process.

DBT Wellness Planner

¿Can self-awareness be structured?

The Living Literacy Network

¿Are learning and teaching the same thing?

Gordy Crashes

¿Is the unconscious autonomous?

Rolling Table

¿Would you like to steal my business card?

Psychotherapy with Patrick

Therapy is mostly about words,
¿What about images?

Globos de Aire: El Dia y La Noche

¿Is duality ever binary?

Google Events

¿Can moments be branded?

Eat Away

¿Can I eat here?


¿Is there a network for revenues?

Greenwich Village Chamber Singers

¿What is classical appeal?

Google Zeitgeist 2012

¿What did you search for?

Algo es Algo

¿Are words objets?

Chroma Media Training

¿Can you say it all in this instant?

Lisa Inman

¿Can we make a sculpture with type?

Steps: [IDLE]

¿Is music geometry?

Google Art Project

¿Should all art be public?

eBay Pop-Up Gallery Exhibition

¿Can context be ficticious?

Sabor Latino

¿Don’t you just have to say it?

Superninja3066: ±1

¿Does everything result in zero?

Asedio: El Último Invierno

¿Are we in a new age of feudalism?

Superninja3066: Microscopes

¿Is zooming-in the same as zooming-out?